A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales

Ten Traditional Stories in Chinese and English (Free Online Audio Recordings)

Tuttle Publishing
Vivian Ling, Peng Wang, illustrated by Yang Xi, author Peng Wang
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Age range 10 to 13

Switch up your bedtime reading or language practice with this adorable anthology.

All cultures have stories telling you what life is all about. This collection of traditional Chinese folktales tells you how to grow up to be a good person and to have a good life. Featuring charming illustrations by illustrator Yang Xi, this book presents its lessons so children can discover them for themselves, just as Chinese children have been doing for generations.

The 10 folktales include:

  • Gold and Silver Hatchets – This story emphasises honesty in one's actions and the rewards it brings.
  • How Can You Weigh An Elephant? – It takes a small boy to solve what seems to be an impossible task.
  • How Silk Was Invented – This story exemplifies how women contributed to the development of Chinese culture.
  • And many more!

Sure to delight readers of all ages, A Bilingual Treasury of Chinese Folktales presents parallel English and Chinese versions of each story, making it perfect for parents who want to vary their nighttime reading or for language learners seeking manageable practice texts.

Contributor Bio

Vivian Ling has enjoyed a long career in Chinese language and literature. She has taught at Oberlin College and Indiana University and directed Chinese language programs in Taipei, Shanghai, Kunming, and Beijing. She is the author of numerous Chinese language textbooks and books, including The Field of Chinese Language Education in the U.S.: A Retrospective of the 20th Century. She also co-authored Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar and Chinese Stories for Language Learners, both published by Tuttle.

Wang Peng has been on the faculty at Georgetown University since 2002, teaching various levels of Chinese language courses, including Business Chinese and Chinese for Heritage Learners. Formerly, she was the chief instructor at the Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies at Tsinghua University, as well as a visiting faculty member at Oberlin College and Brown University. She also co-authored Essential Mandarin Chinese Grammar and Chinese Stories for Language Learners, both published by Tuttle.

Illustrations by:
Yang Xi
is an up-and-coming artist and illustrator in China. Her distinctive style can be characterized as an amalgamation of classical and contemporary, and Chinese and Western elements. She holds an MA from the College of Fine Arts at Nanjing Art Institute. While specializing in illustrations related to Chinese culture, she has an eye toward the sensibilities of a worldwide audience.

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