A Sorceress Comes to Call

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T. Kingfisher
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From USA Today bestselling author T. Kingfisher comes a dark retelling of the Brothers Grimm's Goose Girl, rife with secrets, murder, and forbidden magic.

Cordelia knows her mother is unusual. Their house doesn't have any doors between rooms — there are no secrets in this house! — Cordelia isn't allowed to have a single friend. Unless you count Falada, her mother's beautiful white horse. The only time Cordelia feels truly free is on her daily rides with him. But more than a few quirks set her mother apart. Other parents can't force their daughters to be silent and motionless — obedient — for hours or days on end. Other mothers aren't...sorcerers.

After a suspicious death in their small town, Cordelia's mother insists they leave in the middle of the night, riding away together on Falada's back, leaving behind all Cordelia has ever known. They arrive at the remote country manor of a wealthy older man, the Squire, and his unwed sister, Hester. Cordelia's mother intends to lure the Squire into marriage. Cordelia knows this can only be bad news for the bumbling gentleman and his kind, intelligent sister. And indeed Hester sees the way Cordelia shrinks away from her mother. How the young girl sits eerily still at dinner every night. Hester knows that to save her brother from bewitchment and to rescue the terrified Cordelia, she will have to face down a wicked witch of the worst kind.

Contributor Bio

T. Kingfisher is the adult fiction pseudonym of Ursula Vernon. She is an author and illustrator based in North Carolina who has won multiple Hugo, Nebula, and Dragon awards. Her debut adult horror novel, The Twisted Ones, won the 2020 Dragon Award for Best Horror Novel, and was followed by the critically acclaimed The Hollow Places.

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