Artists' Master Series: Perspective & Depth

3DTotal Publishing
Introduction by Mike Hernandez, artist Devin Elle Kurtz, Gu Zheng Wei, Nathan Fowkes, Orenjikun
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This third title in the highly popular Artist Master Series from 3dtotal Publishing offers a comprehensive guide to using perspective and depth successfully in your art, with direction from world-class artists. 

As an established authority on art and design with a growing stable of high-calibre artist–authors, 3dtotal Publishing is uniquely placed to produce Artists’ Master Series. Launched in 2021 with Artists’ Master Series: Color & Light, and followed up by Artists’ Master Series: Composition & Narrative, the series reaches its third volume with an exciting and considered analysis of the theories of perspective and depth within art. 

No matter what medium you work in, this combination can be the driving force that elevates art from 'good' to 'world-class'. This book takes these fundamentals and pushes them to an advanced level of understanding and application. To achieve this ambitious brief, a select few, hugely popular industry experts — Mike Hernandez, Devin Elle Kurtz, Nathan Fowkes, Orenji, and Guweiz — reveal how they plan and execute these techniques. 

Their in-depth illustrated advice, detailed step-by-step tutorials, enlightening case studies, and awe-inspiring inspiration provide a distinctive and invaluable blend of professional-grade techniques that can’t be found anywhere else. For artists and designers aiming to raise their game to expert level, the Artists’ Masters Series is the key to success.

Contributor Bio

Devin Elle Kurtz is a digital illustrator, visual development artist, and background painter working in Photoshop CC. Her focus is magical scenes that combine fantasy elements with environments that feel visceral and real. She has worked in the animation industry as a background painter/designer and visual development artist since 2017. She was the lead background painter on Disenchantment at Rough Draft Studios from 2019-2021. She has illustrated for a number of publications including Dark Horse (Beasts of the Four Nations), HarperCollins (Breda's Island, How to Heal a Gryphon), and Simon and Schuster (Escape from Atlantis series). Other past clients include Netflix, Disney, and SyFy. She has a huge and dedicated fanbase, with over 864K followers on Instagram.

Mike Hernandez is a plein-air painter skilled in gouache, oil, and acrylic. He studied at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and has worked as a Production Designer and Art Director, as well as a Concept Artist at Dreamworks Animation. He worked on such films as Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, Turbo, and many more. He is a member of a limited group of the finest painters in the US, called PAPA (Plein-Air Painters of America), as well as a much sought-after workshop instructor. He has 98K followers on Instagram.

Nathan Fowkes is a working animation artist with screen credit on 12 feature films. He is also a renowned teacher of drawing, painting, colour, and design. His notable clients include DreamWorks, Disney, Blue Sky Studios, Paramount Animation, and many others. Nathan is also author of the bestselling How to Draw Portraits in Charcoal and How to Paint Landscapes in Watercolor and Gouache. He has over 104K followers on X (previously known as Twitter), and over 128K followers on Instagram.

Orenji is an animation background artist from Australia, with over 120K followers on Instagram. He is also very popular on the streaming site, Twitch, where fans tune in to watch him create art live.

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