Caesar Versus Pompey

Determining Rome’s Greatest General, Statesman & Nation-Builder

Stephen Dando-Collins
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Who was Rome’s greatest general, statesman, and nation-builder: Caesar or Pompey?

Few people have had as many words written about them down through the centuries as Julius Caesar — the brilliant general who made Queen Cleopatra of Egypt his mistress. He has captured the imagination of playwrights, historians, soldiers, and emperors.

Little has been written about his ally, son-in-law, and eventual enemy Pompey the Great, who crashed onto the Roman scene as a victorious twenty-three-year-old general and who, at the height of his career, was arguably more famous, more popular, and more successful than Caesar.

Caesar Versus Pompey tells the parallel life stories of Julius Caesar and Pompey the Great, as their lives and loves became intertwined and interdependent, as they grew from rivals to partners, then from joint rulers to warring foes. One strove to preserve the Roman Republic, the other destroyed it.

Contributor Bio

Stephen Dando-Collins is the multi-award-winning author of forty-eight books, including biographies and nonfiction works on ancient Rome, Greece, and Persia, as well as American, British, French, and Australian history including World War I and World War II. These works focus on military history, with Stephen considered an authority on the legions of imperial Rome. He has also written several successful novels and children’s novels. His books are widely published in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and they appear in translation in Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Albania, Russia, Korea, and Latin America.