Gendering Place and Affect

Attachment, Disruption and Belonging

Bristol University Press
Edited by Alex Simpson, Ruth Simpson, Darren Baker
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Drawing on affect theory and the key themes of attachment, disruption and belonging, this book examines the ways in which our placed surroundings — whether urban design, border management or organisations — shape and form experiences of gender.

Bringing together key debates across the fields of sociology, geography and organisation studies, the book sets out new theoretical ground to examine and consolidate shared experiences of what it means to be in or out of place.

Contributors explore how our gendered selves encounter place, and critically examine the way in which experiences of gender shape meanings and attachments, as well as how place produces gendered modes of identity, inclusion and belonging. Emphasizing the intertwined dynamics of affect and being affected, the book examines the gendering of place and the placing of gender.

Contributor Bio

Alex Simpson is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Macquarie University.

Ruth Simpson is Emeritus Professor of Management at Brunel University.

Darren Baker is Assistant Professor of Responsible Leadership at Monash University.