Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Fruits

Periplus Editions
Wendy Hutton, photographs by Alberto Cassio
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This handy field guide introduces over 40 different fruits commonly found in Asia. Each fruit is clearly presented and described, with a detailed description of each fruit—including its country of origin and areas of growth.

Culinary uses are also given, with helpful tips on how to produce the best flavors when consuming and cooking these fruits. With nine exciting Asian recipes for readers to try, this book is an absolute must for lovers of tropical tastes.

Features of Handy Pocket Guide to Tropical Fruits include:

  • A handy paperback format and eye-catching cover
  • Descriptions and notes on over 40 fruits, including avocado, banana, breadfruit, coconut, dragon's eye fruit (or longan), durian, guava, jackfruit, langsat, lychee, lime, mango, papaya, rambutan, salak, sapodilla, soursop and water apple
  • Listing of scientific and family names, as well as common names in Indonesian, Malay and Thai
  • Over 100 beautiful color photographs
  • A wealth of expert botanical information
Contributor Bio

Wendy Hutton, a New Zealander by birth, first moved to Southeast Asia in 1967 and has worked in the region ever since--specializing in travel and food writing. She has eaten her way through every country in Asia, gathering recipes from cooks everywhere from simple villages to elegant restaurant kitchens. Since 1978, she has written or contributed to many books on Asian food, as well as writing reference books on Asian herbs and spices, vegetables and fruits. Hutton is based in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Alberto Cassio left his native Italy after college, having felt the exotic pull of Bali. He soon moved to Thailand, which was quickly modernizing and in desperate need of photographers. During this time, Cassio worked for publishers, airlines, magazines and resorts. He also founded Photobank, the first stock photo library in Thailand, which is now home to the largest collection of Thai images.