I Was a Teenage Slasher

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Stephen Graham Jones
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1989, Lamesa, Texas. A community driven by oil and cotton — a town where everyone knows everyone else’s business.

Tolly Driver, seventeen, a good kid with more potential than application, exists on the outskirts with his best friend, Amber. They navigate the hellscape of the teenage social scene, sticking together in a place that doesn’t know how to be different.

But when they go to a fateful party at Deek Masterton’s house — a party that ends in a series of gruesome, brutal and extravagant murders — Tolly’s world gets flipped upside-down. Because some slashers are born in violence and retribution, some were born that way — and some were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time…

Contributor Bio

Stephen Graham Jones is the NYT bestselling author of novels, collections, and novellas including Don't Fear the Reaper, Earthdivers, and The Only Good Indians. His essay 'My Life with Conan the Barbarian' reveals his love for the character. He has won the Ray Bradbury Award, the Stoker Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the Independent Publishers Award for Multicultural Fiction. Stephen lives and teaches in Boulder, Colorado.

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