If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon

Union Square Kids
Joyce Lapin, illustrated by Simona Ceccarelli
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Age range 7+

A fascinating nonfiction picture book full of facts about the moon and space — now in paperback!

What is so great about having your birthday party on the moon?  

For starters, you can ride in a rocket with your friends and eat cake upside down. Your friends can celebrate with you for a whole month, which is only one day on the moon! Young partygoers can bounce and glide in a low-gravity playground. And any 'moon angels' that you make will last for thousands of years.  

This entertaining adventure includes sidebars, a glossary, a selected bibliography, and suggestions for further reading. If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon is perfect for sharing at home and at school. 

Contributor Bio

Joyce Lapin is very active in SCBWI. She is most recently the author of The Little Spacecraft That Could. When she is not partying on the moon, she lives with her family in Simsbury, CT.

Simona Ceccarelli is a freelance illustrator who has worked as both a scientist and an art director. Originally from Como, Italy, she’s now based in Basel, Switzerland.

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