Kai's Ocean Of Curiosities

Blue Dot Kids
Joséphine Topolanski
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Age range 4 to 8

Curious young readers will delight in this whimsical and exquisitely illustrated ocean adventure led by deep-sea diver Kai in her yellow submarine!

Kai is an explorer. She is also extremely curious, especially about the vast and silent sea.

What’s on the other side of the kelp forest?

Are the squid sending secret messages to each other?

Where did all the coral go?

Why are the fish always in such a rush?

Could jellyfish have come from another planet?

Welcome to Kai’s Ocean of Curiosities, where you are invited to take your own walk beneath the waves. Simple line-cut illustrations in white and deep blue capture the calm beauty of the ocean, and the bright pops of Kai’s red diving suit and her yellow submarine will delight young explorers and adults alike.

This book is the perfect gift for nature-loving adventurers and classroom educators interested in marine biology, ocean conservation, and the many mysteries of our seas.

Contributor Bio

Joséphine Topolanski was born in Paris to a Sephardic Jewish mother and an Ashkenazi Jewish father. Passionate about printmaking, micro-editing, and illustration, her work questions the boundaries between art and science. In 2018, her work was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. She has been intimately linked to the marine world since her childhood in Brittany, France, where she still practices diving and sailing.