Neighborhood Watch

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Sarah Reida
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A killer terrorises the morally bankrupt residents of an upscale neighbourhood, leading them to turn to — and on — one another to survive.

The neighbourhood of Oleander Court is the poster child for suburban bliss. The residents compare lawns beautified by hired help. They monitor home values. They toss perfect furniture because they wanted tapioca, not beige.

But when a string of murders rips through the neighborhood, suspicions abound as new secrets come to light. And as more and more bodies are taken away, it becomes clear that the killer is strategically selecting each and every victim, picking off the shallowest, most wasteful of the lot in spectacular fashion and leaving everyone in the neighbourhood to wonder: Who’s next?

While most of their neighbors scatter like well-dressed cockroaches, a small group of the neighborhood ladies team up to solve their local mystery and restore their once-peaceful lives. But is this ragtag collection of amateur sleuths truly a united front? With reputations, freedom, and personal sanity on the line, the ladies must unmask the killer...even if the killer is among them.

Contributor Bio

Sarah Reida is an attorney whose work focuses on assisting veteran businesses performing federal government contracts. As an author, Sarah has published two middle grade books: Monsterville: A Lissa Black Production (2016) and All Sales Final (a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Book of 2020). She lives with her husband and two young children near Atlanta, Georgia.