One-Button and the Sea

Scallywag Press
Sara Stanley, Viv Schwarz
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Age range 4+

'Grandpa, tell me the story again of when we went to sea. That’s a BIG story, One-Button.

How does it begin? It begins with the uprooting . . .'

And so Grandpa tells the story of how he and One-Button and their whole community were uprooted from their everyday lives, and how they all had to take to sea in different boats. Until one day everything changed, and they were able to return home and resume their previous lives…different, but the same.

Contributor Bio

Sara Stanley is an Early Years Consultant specialising in philosophical storyplay in the UK and South Africa. Having spent time working with displaced families in Northern France she now works as a bookseller for NBC.

Viviane Schwarz has written and illustrated many picture books which have been translated and won awards including two shortlistings for the CILIP Kate Greenaway, winner of the 2016 Little Rebels Award and UK IBBY Honour List nominee in 2018.