Policing the Big Apple

The Story of the NYPD

Jules Stewart
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Policing the Big Apple is the story of America’s largest and most celebrated law enforcement agency. The book covers the history of policing New York City from 1625 in then New Amsterdam, to the formation of the NYPD in 1845, through 1930s battles with the Mafia, to 1990s Zero Tolerance. Along the way, it examines episodes of political influence, corruption, and reform including Tammany Hall, the Mafia, New York City mayors and the police, and the enrolment in the force of women and people of colour. It tells the story both through its commissioners, and the visions they had for the force and the city, and at the level of cops on the beat.

Historically insightful and accessibly written, this is an indispensable chronicle for anyone interested in policing and the history of New York.

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