Tarot of the Unexplained

A Deck of Cryptids, Ghosts, UFOs and Other Urban Oddities (78 Cards and 96-Page Full-Color Booklet)

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A fun, quirky exploration of unexplained phenomena as a means to divine the future. The tarot deck Fox Mulder would have wanted.

We are living in strange times. The US Navy has admitted to the existence of UFOs. Our government has been studying cryptids at Skinwalker Ranch. The CIA-sponsored Stargate Project used remote viewers with ESP to spy on other nations. Ghost- and cryptid-hunting shows have become the most heavily watched programs on television. And experts in the paranormal and quantum physics fields are arriving at the same conclusion: All of these seemingly disparate phenomena are related.

Strange times call for strange tools. Tarot of the Unexplained was conceived and designed to represent the most commonly seen and experienced and yet unexplained phenomena: apparitions, Fortean phenomena, and cryptids. It incorporates these modern concerns as suits: Wands, Swords, Cups, and Pentacles become Sasquatch knocking sticks, Ghosts, Portals, and Flying Saucers. Pages have become Fans, Knights are now Hunters, Queens are Advocates, but Kings are Skeptics, and their role is to take a hard look at the situation and ensure you aren’t letting your imagination escalate things.

This is a deck that embraces the diversity and weirdness of the 21st century.

Embrace the weirdness. You’re not alone.

Contributor Bio

Davezilla became in 2001 the first blogger to be sued by a billion-dollar company (he won). Because of this, there is a Davezilla Wikipedia page and Dave has the dubious distinction of being a verb in the Urban Dictionary. He's worked in advertising and illustration most of his life, but also at a think tank for General Motors, and did a brief stint at the Los Alamos National Laboratories, working on science projects he can’t discuss. He is a Gardnerian witch (initiated 1979), Discordian (hot dogs on Fridays), Ngangalero (initiated 1993), Santero (initiated 2006), and full-time illustrator. He prefers to paint occult, cryptid, alien, and other fringe topics. He has over forty years in occult/new age religions and thirty years of illustration experience.  As the executive vice-president of Campbell Ewald (2nd oldest ad agency in the US), he ran the entire digital department. Dave lives in Royal Oak, Michigan.