The Best Australian Science Writing 2021

Edited by Dyani Lewis, foreword by Cathy Foley
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Could the dodo make a comeback? What does science tell us about the sex in Fifty Shades of Grey? Is giving up meat really the greenest option? Can you use tweets to spot a psychopath? Do birds make art? What do the Cold War and climate science have in common? And can a psychologist interpret your farts? 

The Best Australian Science Writing 2013 brings together great writing about life and the universe, including contributions from poets and psychologists, comedians and climate commentators, neuroscientists and novelists, star-gazers and science journalists.

With a foreword by superstar comedian, musician and self-confessed science-nerd, Tim Minchin, this provocative collection is chock-full of intrigue, curiosity and controversy.

Read this. Your brain will love you for it.

This annual collection of essays gives ordinary Australians a look at the nation’s most prominent science writers and journalists as they present big ideas and ask important questions.'

Cheryl Akle, Weekend Australian

Contributor Bio

Dyani Lewis is a freelance science journalist based in Melbourne whose reporting runs the gamut from news to features, essays to indepth investigations. Her usual passions – human evolution and the tensions between conservation and society – have taken a backseat to reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a four-time contributor to The Best Australian Science Writing and has articles published in Nature, Cosmos, the Monthly, the Guardian, the Atlantic (via Undark), and Science.

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