These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart

Tachyon Publications
Izzy Wasserstein
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A Publishers Weekly Selection: Spring 2024 Top-10 SF Fantasy and Horror

'In a queer, noir technothriller of fractured identity and corporate intrigue, a trans woman faces her fear of losing her community as her past chases after her. This bold, thought-provoking debut science-fiction novella from a Lambda Award finalist is an exciting and unpredictable look at the fluid nature of our former and present selves. With a complex and enjoyably flawed trans protagonist and a portrayal of queer life that goes deeper than casual representation, this marks Wasserstein as a voice to watch out for in LGBTQ science fiction.' — Publishers Weekly

In mid-21st-century Kansas City, Dora hasn’t been back to her old commune in years. But when Dora’s ex-girlfriend Kay is killed, and everyone at the commune is a potential suspect, Dora knows she’s the only person who can solve the murder.

As Dora is dragged back into her old community and begins her investigations, she discovers that Kay’s death is only one of several terrible incidents. A strange new drug is circulating. People are disappearing. And Dora is being attacked by assailants from her pre-transition past.

Meanwhile, it seems like a war between two nefarious corporations is looming, and Dora’s old neighbourhood is their battleground. Now she must uncover a twisted conspiracy, all while navigating a deeply meaningful new relationship.

Contributor Bio

Izzy Wasserstein is a queer, transgender woman and the author of dozens of short stories, two poetry collections, and the short story collection All the Hometowns You Can’t Stay Away From. Wasserstein currently teaches writing and literature at a public university. She loves books, comics, horror movies, and slowly running long distances. She wants to hear about your D&D character. Wasserstein shares a home with her spouse Nora E. Derrington and their animal companions. These Fragile Graces, This Fugitive Heart is her debut novella.