Alien: Uncivil War

Titan Books
Brendan Deneen
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'War will always find a man like you.'

This ALIEN story begins where most end: with a xenomorph loose on a damaged spaceship hurtling through space. Once a highly decorated marine, Chris Temple, a recently widowed single father to two young daughters, Jane, 11, and Emma, 8, is onboard. Despite his particular set of skills, Chris doesn’t get involved in the fight with the alien, instead focusing on keeping his children safe as the ship comes in for a crash landing.

The family land safely on an idyllic outpost planet, where Chris is told that the ship has been destroyed beyond recognition and nothing could have survived the crash. That’s only the first lie. Chris and his daughters love their new life, but something doesn’t feel right. Chris is a paranoid type, but just because he’s paranoid, doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

There are nasty surprises in store as Chris investigates the web of lies and conspiracies. After leaving a ruined Earth, it seems Chris and his daughters have crash-landed on a planet on the verge of all-out civil war. Chris will have to call on the battle skills he never wanted to use again in order to protect his daughters, deal with violence-hungry marines, and battle the xenomorph that's killing people regardless of which side of the civil war they're on.

Contributor Bio

Brendan Deneen has authored the award-winning novel The Ninth Circle and the 2018 horror novel The Chrysalis. He's written Groot picture books for Marvel Press and the upcoming Green Arrow: Stranded original graphic novel for DC. Other graphic novel work includes The Island of Misfit Toys, Solarman, Phoenix, and Scatterbrain. His short stories and essays have been published by St. Martin's Press, Reader's Digest Books, 13Thirty Press, and Necro Publications. Deneen lives in New Jersey.

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