Classic Starts: Anne Of Green Gables

Sterling Children's Books
Lucy Maud Montgomery, abridged by Kathleen Olmstead, illustrated by Lucy Corvino, afterword by Arthur Pober
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Age range 7 to 9

Age range 6 to 9

Now every child can celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lucy Maud Montgomery's ever-popular story! 

First introduced in Anne of Green Gables as a young orphan, Montgomery's feisty and imaginative heroine is now 16 years old and embarking on a new adventure: becoming a teacher in her old Avonlea school. It's an exciting year as Anne struggles to win over all her students, welcomes two new members to her family, and feels the first stirrings of love.

Classic Starts is a gorgeously produced, thoughtfully written series of abridged editions of beloved classics. Rewritten to accommodate the reading and interest level of children who are too young to tackle the larger unabridged volumes, this series offers a great way to introduce young readers to favourite tales.

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