Humpback Highway

Diving into the mysterious world of whales

Vanessa Pirotta
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I entered the water quietly and saw two humpback whales sleeping diagonally in the distance. Two school buses just hanging in space…

Acclaimed wildlife scientist Vanessa Pirotta has been mugged by whales, touched by a baby whale and covered in whale snot. In Humpback Highway, Pirotta dives beneath the surface to reveal the mysterious world of humpback whales — from their life cycle and the challenges humans present, to why whale snot and poo are important for us and the ocean. Plus the cutting-edge new technologies that allow us to see where they swim, listen to them talk and spy on them underwater.

Whether you’re a whale lover or you’re simply curious about the underwater world, Humpback Highway will inspire and give you a new respect for these majestic, marine giants.

‘From snot to sex, courtship to conservation, Pirotta brings the lives and habits of these incredible mammals to life.’ — Melissa Doyle

‘Enthralling – Pirotta’s passion and knowledge leaps off every page.’ — Richard Glover

‘Dr Pirotta has inspired me with her passion to unlock the secrets of the largest animals on the planet.’ — Terri Irwin

‘All whales are precious inhabitants of this planet we call home, yet we humans have treated them harshly with indiscriminate destruction. Humpback Highway takes the reader into the world of a gentle giant whose place on this planet is no less important than our own. I highly recommend it.’ — Valerie Taylor

'Humpback Highway...serves an educative role, shedding light on the nitty-gritty of a scientific career, the data-crunching and application of technology, as well as the passion and oceanic adventure.' — Sydney Morning Herald / The Age

'Research, science and personal experiences are all covered with passion and palpable excitement. A highly recommended read.' — Sue Mauger, Glam Adelaide

Contributor Bio

Dr Vanessa Pirotta is a wildlife scientist, woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), science communicator and vessel operator. Vanessa has been studying whales in Australian waters and around the world for the last 14 years. Her work uses clever new technologies to help conserve wildlife in both marine and terrestrial environments. Vanessa has become a powerful role model for younger generations, connecting young minds with science around the world.

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