Inspiring Change

How to Influence Behaviour for a Better World

Monash University Publishing
Edited by Liam Smith, Jim Curtis, Peter Bragge, Paul Kellner
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Change can be hard. We try our best as individuals to improve our fitness, dietary habits and financial stability, and to do the right thing by others and the planet, but it often falls to government and other institutions to persuade us to change our ways.

BehaviourWorks Australia (BWA) is a leading behaviour change research enterprise in Australia, housed in the Monash Sustainable Development Institute at Monash University. Their work spans hundreds of projects with government, industry and community partners in areas such as health, climate change, energy, water, waste, pollution, biodiversity, biosecurity, education, social inclusion, finance and safety. Based on extensive research and experience, the team at BWA developed the highly respected BehaviourWorks Method — a tried and tested approach to influencing behaviour for impactful and meaningful outcomes to build a better world.

Featuring real-world case studies involving partnerships with Ambulance Victoria, the Transport Accident Commission, federal and state governments, the Environment Protection Authority and Sustainability Victoria, Inspiring Change is a practical, in-depth guide on how to use the BehaviourWorks Method to foster economic prosperity, better health, social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Contributor Bio

BehaviourWorks Australia is a leader in behaviour change research and includes researchers from a raft of different disciplines, all of whom share a passion for using behavioural science approaches to help solve real-world problems. Inspiring Change is a collective effort by the team at BWA and is edited by Liam Smith, Jim Curtis, Peter Bragge and Paul Kellner.