Jonty's Unicorn

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Rebecca Fraser
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Age range 8 to 12

In the quiet hamlet of Blaxby in the Kingdom of Irrawene, twelve-year-old Jonty Fairskye’s mother is gravely ill. A tonic from Dagatha, the fearsome witch who dwells in the dark heart of the Terrenwild Woods may be her only hope, but everyone knows Dagatha’s cures cost dearly — both in gold and regret.

Determined to save her mother, Jonty resolves to enter the King’s Annual Horse Race on her beloved horse, Onyx. The prize, a pouch of gold — more than enough to pay Dagatha. When Jonty discovers Rose, an injured unicorn, during a woodland training session, she is wonderstruck. There hasn’t been a unicorn sighting in Irrawene for over a century. Jonty smuggles Rose back to the safety of her barn to recover.

As the great horse race draws closer, disaster strikes and Jonty is forced to make a decision that will impact the lives of everyone she loves. Danger and betrayal lurk around every corner, and Jonty will learn that the true meaning of kindness and bravery comes down to how much you’re willing to sacrifice.

Racing Stripes meets The Brothers Grimm in this page-turning fantasy for readers who love thrilling adventures filled with heart and humour.

Contributor Bio

Rebecca Fraser is an Australian author of genre-mashing fiction for children and adults. Her work has won, been shortlisted for, and honourably mentioned for numerous awards including Adaptable: Turning Page to Screen, The 2023 Reading’ s Children’ s Prize, Aurealis Awards, Australian Shadows Awards, Ditmars, and Mornington Peninsula Shire Mayor’ s Writing Award.

Rebecca’ s publications include four middle grade novels, a collection of short dark fiction, and over sixty short stories, poems, and articles in various anthologies, journals, and magazines.