Running Water Community Press
Us Mob Writing, First Nation Voices, cover design by Belinda Nelson-McDowell, foreword by Yvette Holt
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Kuracca — meaning white sulphur crested cockatoo — is a multi-lingual anthology featuring eleven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women writing poetry, prose, songs and stories about their unique lives. All contributors are members of Canberra’s longest running Indigenous writers group called ‘Us Mob Writing’ and this book is dedicated to the late Wiradjuri Elder and award-winning writer, Kerry-Reed Gilbert. With a strong focus on inspiring people to write, the anthology includes both emerging and award-winning writers, a preface by Chairperson Us Mob Writing, Marissa McDowell and a foreword by Chairperson First Nations Australia Writers Network, Yvette Holt.

'The poetry and prose awaiting your creative cultural engagement, all sixty-five poems in content equates to some sixty-five thousand years and beyond of what it means to be here in the now, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women representing their families, communities, heritage, their shadows, their promise, their matriarch, themselves — it is within these pages you shall find what it means for all of us to be alive and thriving through chapters of millennia as spoken and written by Us Mob Writing.' — Yvette Holt

'Powerful and palpable, Kuracca honours the work of a cultural powerhouse and matriarch in style. The book showcases the strengths and fresh and exciting writing of a tightly bonded group. This is healing.' — Ellen van Neerven

'Through the liberating words written on these pages, women are sharing their own stories and truth. Such inspiration is the legacy of Aunty Kerry Reed-Gilbert RIP.' — Ali Cobby Eckermann