More A to Z of Australian Plants

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Catherine Clowes, illustrated by Rachel Gyan
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Age range 6+

Age range 6 to 12

Did you know that Australia is home to the most ‘venomous’ plant in the world? That there are plants in Australia that strangle other plants to death, and some with seeds pods that explode, shooting seeds far and wide? Or that some Australian plants can dry out and shrivel up so much, they look dead, but then come back to life when they get wet?

Plantabulous! presents 26 iconic and unique native plants for you to discover in your local park, bushland or even your own backyard! Filled with fabulous facts, activities and illustrations, Plantabulous! will prove just how fabulous Australia’s native plants really are!

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 6 to 12.

Contributor Bio

Catherine Clowes is a botanist with a passion for Australian native plants. She works as a biodiversity officer, has a PhD in systematic botany and spends a good chunk of her spare time in her very own Australian native plant garden!

Rachel Gyan is an illustrator passionate about artful storytelling. Her heart-warming characters are empowered by whimsy, texture and vibrant colour palettes. Rachel enjoys studying Australian flora and wildlife, drawing inspiration from her surroundings to capture the beautiful and sometimes quirky nature of Australia in her work.

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