A 21st-Century Ethic; on Animals, Collective Liberation, and Us All

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Emma Hakansson
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Sub-Human delves into what it means to be an animal, how our view of other animals impacts our view of other people, oppressions, and the planet, how we got here, as well as how we can move forward together.

When we accept oppression of some, we feed the oppression of others, and we make space for domination driven by false ideas of inferiority and lesser worth. When we discount the inherent preciousness of animals who think and feel, we erase precious parts of ourselves. When we consider living beings as 'livestock,' it's no wonder we pillage the unthinking yet irreplaceable living earth.

Sub-Human is a robustly researched, sharply critical yet comfortingly human call to arms, diving deeply into the theory behind oppression, liberation, and the intersections within it. Exploring the history of animal consumption and commodification, this book deconstructs the current sociopolitical climate surrounding animal enterprises by looking at how we got here. Most importantly, it unravels how we can work towards a collectively liberated world.

'Sub-Human is the most-needed book for the Animal Freedom movement right now. Emma Hakansson gives us a wide, deep view of oppression that explains the links among speciesism, racism, sexism, and homophobia. Most importantly, she gives us strategic thinking and practical advice on how to make change. This book is the ‘new testament’ for the movement.' — Jim Mason, author, An Unnatural Order

'This remarkable book opens readers’ eyes and hearts to the critical intersections between human and non-human animals. The book’s title says it all — humanity has assumed a hierarchical superiority over other animals. Emma Hakansson brings an impressive breadth of knowledge and critical thought to her work as she examines the history of animal exploitation, its deep connections to other forms of oppression, and the forces of change propelling the movement towards compassionate living. The points clearly come across that our survival as a species depends upon a transformation in perceptions of our kindred animals, and that each of us as individuals hold a unique privilege to create positive change.' — Dr. Joanne Kong, editor of Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers

'Sub-Human is an important contribution to the work we must put in to see total liberation for us all — nonhumans and humans. All animal advocates, and anyone interested in social justice and dismantling oppression should read this book.' — Leah Garcés, President of Mercy for Animals

Contributor Bio

Emma Hakansson is a dedicated advocate working to upheave oppression facing our fellow animals, children, women, and working people. As the author of How Veganism Can Save Us, Hakansson has lectured internationally on ethics and sustainability, and her work and words have been featured in The Guardian, Forbes, Earth Island Journal, Sentient Media, and many other publications.