Sun Seekers

Sun Seekers
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Rachel McRady
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Six-year-old Gracie Lynn is perpetually curious and bighearted. Convinced she knows how to save her beloved grandfather John from the 'worm' that is eating his brain — a metaphor her mother once used to explain John's dementia and sundown syndrome — Gracie helps him break out of his nursing home, and the two disappear together on a quest to chase the sun.

But what is an adventure for Gracie is a nightmare scenario for her estranged parents, LeeAnn and Dan. There's no way to predict where John might have taken their young daughter, or if he's capable of keeping her safe.

An emotionally resonant novel, Sun Seekers artfully explores the truths of parenthood, the ways in which we sometimes hurt those we love most and the universal experience of deep loss — even when the person is still here.

'Sun Seekers is my favorite type of novel: beautifully written prose delivering deep truths about family and the nature of grief. I absolutely loved it. Sun Seekers is an incredible debut by a writer to watch' — Brenda Janowitz, author of The Grace Kelly Dress

'In her impactful debut, Rachel McRady explores the intricate dynamics of a fractured family. Through multiple perspectives, she paints a poignant portrait of the complexities of relationships that resonate with us all' — Jo Piazza, author of We Are Not Like Them

'A vivid and often wise exploration of grief, told through the lens of alternating narrators...Sun Seekers explores how we grieve and who we love, despite our struggles to maintain a brave front in the aftermath of great loss' — Jaimee Wriston, author of How Not to Drown

'Rachel McRady's debut novel depicts the fabric of family dynamics in the voices of well-developed engaging characters. The emotional connections across multi-generations are genuine and kept me turning pages until the finale' — Suzanne Leopold, Suzy Approved Book Reviews

Sun Seekers
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Rachel McRady is an Emmy-winning writer and editor for Entertainment Tonight. She's been writing novels since before she could write herself, dictating stories to her very patient mother on an old computer in the 90s. Sun Seekers is her debut novel. Rachel has lived in New York City and London, writing for publications including the Washington Post, Us Weekly, Time, Motherly, Teen Vogue, Parade and more. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, Caleb, and daughters, Iona and Isla.

Sun Seekers
Sun Seekers