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Monash University Publishing
Edited by J. Taylor Bell, Julia Faragher, Isabella G. Mead, Anna Pane
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A still moment captured by a camera’s shutter. The rapid fire of the mouse in a tight League of Legends match. The protracted sound of a door closing with finality.

In the eighteenth edition of this creative anthology, twenty-six writers explore consonance and assonance that rattle like a chattering jaw, narratives composed of hyperlinked rabbit-holing, and stories that tick with explosive anticipation. Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry, all will feature writing which clicks.

In this collection spanning fiction, nonfiction, poetry and the experimental, Australian writers from Monash University and beyond share every class of bric-a-brac, including their most extreme online poems, the stories that keep them up at night, and assembled fragments falling into place.

Contributor Bio

j. taylor bell (he/him) is from Texas and currently researching a PhD in Creative Writing at Monash. His first poetry collection is titled HELLO CRUEL WORLD (Wendy’s Subway, 2022). Peep some Hollywood trash movie reviews & wave hello @disco_steww

Julia Faragher is a writer from Melbourne/Naarm. She is studying her Master’s degree in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at Monash University. Her debut manuscript was shortlisted for the Text Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing 2023.

Isabella G. Mead is a poet from Melbourne whose debut poetry collection, ‘The Infant Vine’, will be published by UWAP in 2024. Her background is in academic publishing and she holds an MA in Digital Humanities. She is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at Monash University.

Anna Pane is a PhD candidate in Literary Studies at Monash University, researching the depiction of friendship in contemporary fiction written by women. She lives outside of Geelong and can generally be found reading fiction when she should be writing criticism.