Zerox Machine

Punk, Post-Punk and Fanzines in Britain, 1976-1988

Matthew Worley
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A visual history of the artists, fans, and fanzines of widely influential British punk.

Zerox Machine is an immersive journey through the vibrant history of British punk and its associated fanzines from 1976 to 1988. Drawing on an extensive range of previously unpublished materials sourced from private collections across the United Kingdom, Matthew Worley describes and analyses this transformative era, providing an intimate glimpse into the hopes and anxieties that shaped a generation.

Far more than a showcase of covers, Zerox Machine examines the fanzines themselves, offering a rich tapestry of firsthand accounts, personal stories, and subcultural reflections. With meticulous research and insightful analysis, this book captures the spirit and essence of British youth culture, shedding new light on a pivotal movement in music history and offering a unique alternative history of Britain in the 1970s and '80s.

'Clear headed and beautifully written, this book is an overview of fanzines that goes beyond the usual DIY/punk/music cliches. It is a smart and exhaustive analysis that deserves to be the go-to reference for those who want to learn about the bygone joys of obsolete technology, praxis and self expression long before social media influencers and gifted content.' – Liz Naylor, coeditor of City Fun fanzine

'Worley is a brilliant guide to the world of the fanzine, and to the extraordinary passion and creativity of their many authors and readers. Zerox Machine pays a proper tribute to all those diverse voices, and to the contribution they made to the history of popular culture and the lives of those who adore it.' – John Street, professor emeritus, University of East Anglia

Contributor Bio

Matthew Worley is Professor of Modern History at the University of Reading. He has written widely on British culture and politics in the twentieth century, including numerous books and articles on punk and punk-related cultures. He is the co-founder of the Subcultures Network and occasionally works with the artist Scott King as Crash!.