Dogs Are Great BUT

Albatros Media
Stepanka Sekaninova, illustrated by Adam Wolf
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Age range 6 to 9

Featuring funny illustrations and real-life situations, this guide introduces kids to the pros and cons of dog care via an enjoyable and engaging learning experience.

This delightful primer immerses young readers in the ins and outs of dog ownership, introducing them to the joys and responsibilities that come with it. By exploring relatable situations and imparting valuable lessons by way of amusing illustrations, this book navigates potential challenges, highlighting how the sheer delight of having a pet dog can help children overcome obstacles.

Dogs are Great BUT is tailored for children ages 6–9, offering parents and educators an invaluable tool to instill responsibility and empathy in kids, all while ensuring that a lot of fun is had along the way. With charming illustrations and relatable situations, it's an educational resource and a heartwarming adventure all rolled into one, promising to leave a lasting impression on young hearts. This book is not just a purchase; it's an investment in a child's love for animals and their personal growth, encouraging them to embrace the world of dogs with open arms and compassionate hearts, all while having a blast.

Contributor Bio

Stepanka Sekaninova used to work as a TV reporter and in the production of children’s programs. Now she is a writer and an editor-in-chief, living in the Czech Republic.

Adam Wolf is a self-taught artist with a wide range of artistic skills including analog and digital photography, tattooing, digital and classical illustration, and canvas painting. Having been interested in various creative activities since his early years, he studied photography at the Prague School of Photography, and these days he enjoys illustrating children’s books. He was born in Pardubice, Czech Republic in 1981.

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